Colonel Lewis L. Millett Hill 180 Memorial Post 10216

Capt. Millett leading 27th Infantry Regiment up Hill 180 on Feb. 7, 1951
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Originally named “Hill 180 Memorial Post” when chartered on December 14, 1970, the post name and charter changed in 2010 following the death of the posts namesake Lewis L. "Red" Millett when it was changed to “Colonel Lewis L. Millett Hill 180 Memorial Post” honoring Colonel Millett while keeping the heritage of our original name.

Located just outside the Osan AB Main Gate in the Pacific Hotel of Songtan Si [city], Republic of Korea, the post's original location was in the Victoria Hotel in Songton-Si from 1964-77, with a one year temporary move to Anjung-Ri (Camp Humphrey's area) in 1969.  In 1977 the post moved to its current home.  The post is also home to the Military Order of the Cooties MOC Pup Tent #8 named 'Chokum Chingos' meaning 'Little Friends', a very active (and fun) pup tent.

The post is named in memory of COL Millett and the historic Korean War battle, Battle of Bayonet Hill 180 led by Army Captain Lewis Millett. It was so named because for the heroic Bayonet Charge up Hill 180, led by 'Medal of Honor' recipient then Captain Lewis L. Millet.  In Feb 1998 VFW Post 10216 sponsored retired COL Millett's first return to his historic battle location since the battle. As Guest Speaker during the annual Hill 180 Memorial Ceremony on 6 Feb he gave a memorable speech. COL Millett returned many times over the following years to participate in the Hill 180 ceremonies and spend time with the members of the VFW post named in his honor.

COL Lewis "Red" Millett, Osan AB, 7 Feb 2003

Capt. Lewis "Red" Millett, Hill 180, 7 Feb 1951
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In 2000 COL Millett helped dedicate a stone on Hill 180 to the first six US personnel to die at the onset of the Korean War. In 2001 he attended the Hill 180 ceremony during the 50th Korean War anniversary specifically honoring his actions. In 2002 the BCD dedicated the 'Millett Room' in the BCD headquarters building to him. And in 2003 COL Millett spent time at the Osan BX signing pictures and visiting with the many service members and family members of the Osan and surrounding military community. During each visit the Medal of Honor recipient was honored and welcomed as a distinguished guest of VFW Post 10216.  His passing at the age of 88 on 14 Nov 2009 was a great loss to us all.

15 December 1920 - 14 November 2009
Medal of Honor, Korean War, July 5, 1951
Colonel (Retired) Lewis L. "Red" Millett was born on December 15, 1920 in Mechanic Falls, Maine. He joined the National Guard at the age of seventeen with the 101st Field Artillery, Massachusetts National Guard. In 1940, PFC Millett enlisted in the Army Air Corps serving as an air gunner. After two years, he joined the Canadian Army. In 1942, Millett enlisted in the Army where he served with the 1st Armored Division. After serving in various positions and attaining the rank of Sergeant, Millett received a battlefield commission. Following World War II, Millett joined the 103rd Infantry, Maine National Guard. He served with the 103rd for four years before joining the 27th Infantry Regiment "Wolfhounds" in Japan.

Lewis L. Millett, Medal of Honor, Korean War, February 1951
As a member of the Wolfhound Regiment, Millett deployed to Korea where he served with valor and distinction. While serving as commander of Easy Company he led a bayonet charge against heavily fortified enemy positions, earning the nation's highest military award, the Medal of Honor. Easy Company killed forty-seven, and another sixty were reported wounded.  Of the dead, eighteen died of bayonet wounds.

Following Captain Millett’s service in Korea, he was assigned to the Continental Army Command as Aide de Camp and then as Training and Operations Officer for the Military Advisor Group. In 1956, Millett attended the Infantry Officer’s Advanced Course and Ranger School as a Major. Following his stay at Fort Benning he was assigned to the 101st Airborne Division where he founded the Recondo School. Millett became heavily involved in the Special Operations community following his service with the 101st. He helped establish the Vietnamese Ranger School and the Commando training program in Laos before moving to the Command and General Staff College. Colonel Millett retired in 1973 after serving as the Deputy Commander of the 2d Corps.

Colonel Millett’s awards include the Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Legion of Merit (with 2 oak leaf clusters), Air Medal (with numeral 2), Purple Heart (with 3 oak leaf clusters), Vetnamese Cross of Gallantry and Vietnam Campaign Ribbon among others. Colonel Millett passed away on 14 November 2009.

Let the bugle blow
Let the march be played
With the forming of the troops
For my last parade

The years of wars, and the years of waiting
Obedience to orders, unhesitating
Years in the states, and the years overseas
All woven in a web... of memories

A lifetime of service passes in review
As many good friends and exotic places too
In the waning sunlight begin to fade
With martial music of my last parade

My last salute to the service and base
Now someone else will take my place
To the sharp young soldiers marching away
I gladly pass the orders of the day

Though uncertain what my future may hold
Still, if needed - before I grow too old - I'll keep my saber sharp, my powder dry
Lest I be recalled to duty by and by

So let the bugle blow...
Fire the evening gun...
Slowly lower the colors...

My retirement... has begun

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