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Aug 2017

Currently the bases in Korea are making changes. Due to that, VFW Posts will also need to make changes. One change is the merging of Post 8180 with ours in Songtan.

Like our namesake, Col Millett, we will be leading the charge. How will this affect you, the Post, the District, and the Department? As far as you will notice, it will be the number on your card - COL. LEWIS L. MILLETT HILL 180 MEMORIAL POST 8180. As far as the Post, our membership numbers will increase, our Life members will increase, but it will NOT change who we are. We are here to continue the mission of helping our Veterans and their families. Our history will begin another page, not a new book.

As far as the District and the Department, we lose a Post, but maintain the numbers in the Pacific. We all have been a part of unit changes while in the military. It didn’t change us; the number will always be our history. Understandably not everyone is happy. But, we ruck up, drop bombs on target and continue the fight. Remember the Post is not defined by its number; rather the Post is defined by its MEMBERS and what we do.

The Department and National have not approved this yet, but part of the process is to inform all through emails, snail mail and postings.

Yours in Comradeship